Perihelion from Nick Cross on Vimeo.
Perihelion is a sort of animated tone poem. It is a short film that toes the line between narrative and non-narrative, essentially having no real beginning, middle or end.
The idea being that you could start watching it at any point and it would (hopefully) have the same impact.
Visually, I was heavily inspired by the work of a number of German painters from the early 20th century. Notably: Otto Dix, Richard Oelze, Ingrid Griebel-Zietlow, Rudolf Schlichter and Max Ernst, as well as Francisco Goya. This is sort of a tribute to the work of these artists living in a time of Fascism and impending war, which really informed their work in a distinct way.
Story, art and animation by Nick Cross (
Audio samples courtesy of
Special thanks to alphadog, szuhogyisziszi, Sampleconstuct, Timbre, martian
Animated with a Cintiq 20 WSZ using Toonboom Animate
Backgrounds painted in Adobe Photoshop
Compositing and effects were done in Adobe After Effects
Editing was done in Final Cut Pro
Completed March 23, 2012

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