Laser cat + ADC Festival of Art

Laser cat projects the work of renowned artists onto miami buildings
a giant cat head that projects art through it’s laser beam eyes is the latest commission of the art directors club, created for their 93rd annual awards + festival of art and craft in advertising and design. ‘laser cat‘ is conceived by barcelona-based hungry castle, laser cat is a massive feline face with ‘lasers’ for eyes that use high powered projectors to beam the personal art projects of the creative community. renowned artists and designers like stefan sagmeister, milton glaser, banksy, david lynch have already submitted their work, preparing to exhibit publicly on the south beach streets through the digital eyes of the shimmering cat face. the event will take place from april 7-9th, 2014 in miami beach.via_

The ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design is North America's only beachside festival for the commercial creative industries.

Created to align with ADC's nearly century long mission to celebrate artistry and craftsmanship in the fields of advertising, design, photography, illustration, interactive and motion graphics, the ADC Festival inspires international creatives to reconnect with their inner artist and recommit to the craft of their profession.

Held annually in beautiful Miami Beach, home of the internationally renowned Art Basel celebration, the ADC Festival hosts an intimate gathering of world-class creative leaders, teams and artists, allowing for authentic, concentrated networking in a relaxed and inspiring environment.

While the jewels of the Festival are the Night Celebrations of both the celebrated ADC 93rd Annual Awards- the longest running industry award show in the world- and the Tomorrow Awards, the ADC Festival is also filled with hands-on workshops designed to spark your creativity, not just discuss it.

See you in Miami Beach!

“Art is the highest expression of human communication.”
Oliviero Toscani

Most everyone in the world of creative communications was drawn to their career path by a passion for creating things and bringing brilliant ideas to life through hard work and craftsmanship. Unfortunately, many are forced to put their personal artistic endeavors aside while they concentrate on the creative work they make for clients and brands.

So we established Out of Office, an engaging exhibit of personal artwork created by advertising and design creative directors from across the globe, to bring the art that creatives are doing on the side to center stage. These are the projects they pour their artistry into when away from their work desks: when there are no client fears to assuage, no ROI to achieve and nothing but their own creative hunger to satiate.

The Out of Office exhibit is an exclusive addition to the ADC Festival, on display at The James Royal Palm Hotel.

FREDERIC BONN, Executive Creative Director, JWT New York
JEAN-FRANÇOIS BOUCHARD, Chief Executive Officer, Sid Lee
SEAN DAVISON, SVP, Creaive Director, MacLaren McCann
GRAHAM FINK, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy China
FLO HEISS, Founder, Studio Heiss
VINCENZO GASBARRO, Partner, Creative Director, M&C Saatchi Milan
JEFF GOODBY, Co-Chairman, Partner, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
EVERETT KATIGBAK, Brand Manager, Pinterest
NICK KLINKERT, Creative Director, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
BENJAMIN PALMER, Co-Founder, The Barbarian Group
CHACHO PUEBLA, Partner, Executive Creative Director, Lola Madrid
JIM RISWOLD, Executive Director, W+K 12
RICH SILVERSTEIN, Co-Chairman, Partner, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
DAVE SWARTZ, Director of Art & Design, CPB Group
MIKE WENTE, Executive Creative Director, VML New York
HIDETO YAGI, Creative Director, Dentsu

Whether you work in a multinational advertising agency or a two-person design shop, whether you're a professional illustrator or someone who fancies themselves a 'weekend photographer', there is one common thread that binds us all: a love and appreciation for creating art.

Without our love of art and of the creative process, we are simply marketers. And so we invite every art director, copywriter, designer, illustrator, photographer, animator, visual artist, film maker, producer, and even strategist, account person and even agency receptionist to 'feed' Laser Cat your art and let it shine at the Festival this spring in Miami Beach. That way we can show the world that 'creative' isn't just a word in our job titles and descriptions, but something we live and breathe every day.


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